A community for genomics software

Bioinformatics should not be for bioinformatics scientists only. Labsquare aims to develop software for everyone.
We are making native and simple GUI opensource software for genomics.

FastQt, the first application from the Labsquare community

FastQt is a quality control tool for high throughput sequencing data written in Qt/C++. It's a clone of FastQC, a program written in Java.

Linux AppImage (64-bit) Windows installer (32-bit)

Bioinformatics tools for everyone

Since the first human genome sequencing, development of genomics technologies has progressed by generating a huge amount of data and bioinformatics has become compulsory for biology and medicine. The majority of bioinformatics tools are opensource. But most have no graphical user interface and are intended only for Linux experts. As a community, we would like to develop great, fast and opensource bioinformatics tools for everyone.

  • Arch Linux
  • CentOS

We are using Qt/C++ as the main library to develop crossplatform applications for Linux, Windows and macOS. Thanks to AppImage we provide binaries for Linux which can be downloaded and run directly without any compilation step.

Next project

BigBrowser: a cute genome browser similar to IGV

Interested in genomics?

Join us as a developer, designer, translator, packager, tester or just if you want to share some ideas. Our code is hosted on GitHub. You can talk with us on Gitter

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